BIG BOX 2nd choice slightly underweight Creamy White

BIG BOX 2nd choice slightly underweight Creamy White

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This is a 2nd choice product with a slight underweight, which is due to differences in filling.

Happy Cheeze CREAMY WHITE with organic fermented cauliflower.

The Noble Camembert alternative with spicy noble mold and creamy, mild aroma.

Happy Cheeze Tip: Tastes great on its own as a snack, served with fruity chutney or as an ingredient when cooking. By the way, it's also great as an alternative to baked cheese.

Try our CREAMY WHITE - the No. 1 among the plant-based cheese alternatives in German organic retailers in 2023!

Net weight: 150g

Shelf life: approx. 5 -10 days

Energy Fat saturated fatty acids Carbohydrates Sugar Protein Salt Net
1148 kJ / 277 kcal 24.2g 11.4g 11.4g 0.8g 2.9g 1.26g 150g

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