The Matured One - Greek Herbs, 100g

The Matured One - Greek Herbs, 100g

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Eureka! Dried tomatoes, onions and garlic had a party and invited their friends. What has become of it is loved by young and old alike! Get Greece's sun on your slice of bread with the Dr. Mannah's Matured Soft Cheese Alternative “Greek Herbs”.

Happy Cheeze tip: In my opinion, this delicious vegan cheese alternative makes an excellent antipasti on grilled skewers or as a dip for vegan souvláki.

Are you looking for more delicious taste experiences? The Happy Cheeze ripened ones are available in a variety of varieties. There is something for everyone!

Net weight: 100g

Energy Fat saturated fatty acids Carbohydrates Sugar Protein Salt Net
1751 kJ / 421 kcal 31.7g 6.3g 19.2g 1.8g 14.8g 1g 100g

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