The Matured - Herbs of Provence, 100g

The Matured - Herbs of Provence, 100g

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La vie est belle - and your life will be even more beautiful with our Happy Cheeze matured in the “Herbs of Provence” variety. Enjoy the ripe and think of: impressive mountain ranges, vineyards, green valleys and endless lavender fields.

Happy Cheeze tip: One of my all-time favorites is the Herbes de Provence on a fresh baguette with a few grapes and some fig jam.

Are you looking for more delicious taste experiences? The Happy Cheeze ripened ones are available in a variety of varieties. There is something for everyone!

Net weight: 100g

Energy Fat saturated fatty acids Carbohydrates Sugar Protein Salt Net
1701 kJ/410 kcal 32.1g 6.4g 15.9g 0.8g 14.3g 1.0g 100g

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